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Coweta Charter Academy is governed by the Georgia Charter Educational Foundation (GCEF). The Georgia Charter Educational Foundation is a Georgia not-for-profit entity organized exclusively for educational purposes and is comprised of respected community members that are committed to providing a high-quality educational option for the families and students of Georgia.

Georgia Charter Educational Foundation, Inc.

The Board of Directors is responsible for developing and outlining the mission, vision, and values of the school and developing the appropriate policies to ensure those fundamentals are maintained.

The Georgia Charter Educational Foundation is responsible for the legal, operational compliance, academic performance, and financial obligations of the school. The Governing Board establishes policy consistent with the school’s mission and ensures the school’s programs and operations are faithful to the terms of the Charter including compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. The Governing Board will continue to uphold the mission and vision of the school through visible leadership and stewardship of the school, including the following:

  • Determining and communicating the mission and vision of the school
  • Recruiting and mentoring Governing Board members
  • Holding its school leadership accountable for achieving the mission and vision of the school
  • Providing oversight to ensure that the school remains compliant to all applicable requirements, rules, regulations, and laws
  • Determining the school budget and ensuring that the school remains fiscally responsible and viable
  • Determining school policy in alignment with its mission and vision
  • Providing an educational option designed for to its students have a better academic outcome than they would have had at their districted school
  • Providing an environment that promotes the good health and safety of the school, its personnel, and its students
  • Participating in fundraising and other school community events
  • Leading by example in their personal and professional endeavors

The Georgia Charter Educational Foundation Governing Board

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