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Student success is measured by valid and reliable assessment data and our mastery-based grading principles and expectations.

Grading Scales

Gradebook Composition

There must be at a minimum five (5) grades per semester in all sections of the grade book, except for the Final Exam section, which will have one (1) grade per semester. A project/ paper may be broken into up to five (5) sections for the extended coursework section.

  • Mandatory Benchmark, Growth, and Summative Assessment Participation grades shall be either 0% or 100%, based on whether the exam was taken or not AND within the time period allowed.
  • Students may earn over 100% on any assignment, test or benchmark with extra credit.
  • A student’s overall cumulative average grade may be over 100% in a grade level’s subject area.
  • A student’s overall cumulative grade earned in any subject/ course will be reflected on their report card and transcript and accurately reported in Infinite Campus to the second decimal place.

Grade Calculations

Late Work

At Coweta Charter Academy students are responsible for accessing and completing daily assignments, as outlined in each course calendar. Due dates for assignments are posted in each course calendar to ensure that students are informed of appropriate pacing.

All coursework/assignments must be completed and submitted no later than the assigned time as denoted by their teacher.

  • Temporary zeroes are entered as grades for each assignment not submitted by the due date. The temporary zeroes will be calculated into the overall course scores for assignments that remain unsubmitted during the allotted late work policy window.
  • SY24-25 Late Policy - All students are permitted to complete all coursework (excluding assessments) up to seven (7) days after the due date (including weekends) for partial credit. Assignments received after the actual due date WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION, but within the granted grace period, will be graded and then receive an additional 5 points deduction taken for each day past the original assignment due date. The new grade will replace the zero in the grade book.
  • Coursework received more than seven (7) days after the due date will not be accepted for grades, unless prior arrangements have been requested and approved. Permanent zeroes will be entered as grades for these assignments and for assignments not received by the permanent zero deadline.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE regarding assessments – NWEA MAP, Interim Assessments, Unit Tests, WriteScore, final exams, and other assessments as determined by the school must be completed within the class period(s) scheduled. Extended time will be followed. In some cases, it may be appropriate for assessments to be given early if a student completes work at a faster pace than their assigned class or for another reason accepted by the teacher. If a student misses an assessment and the absence is unexcused, the student will receive a zero on the assessment and it will be averaged into their overall grade.

Due date extensions on assignments may be permitted under some extenuating circumstances with advance approval from school administration. Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to, hospitalizations, debilitating illness, conflicting medical treatments, APPROVED travel (Superintendent approval required), and/or conflicting academic competitions.

For students with Individualized Education (IEP) or 504 Plans, the plan accommodations and requirements regarding extended time will be followed.

Extra Credit

Extra credit may be offered at the discretion of the teacher. Any extra credit opportunities will be offered to the entire class, not to individual students. Examples of extra credit opportunities include:

  • Study Guides
  • Enrichment Projects

High School Course Failure and Repeat Credit

Failed courses will be recorded as an ‘F’ and/or with the failing numerical grade on the student’s transcript and a zero will be computed for the course in determining the GPA. Students are permitted to retake failed courses if retained in 8th grade and still enrolled in CCA. If a student re-takes a course, the initial failing grade and the subsequent repeated grade will appear on a student’s transcript and both grades will be factored into the student’s overall GPA.

Grade Appeals

Course Grade appeals must be submitted in writing to the school director within thirty (30) days of the term end date. Upon receipt of the appeal, the school director will lead a review internally among faculty, staff and administration.

A grade appeal may only be disputed for the following reasons:

  • The grade was issued in error. This includes situations where there was a miscalculation of grade points that resulted in a lower grade for the appeal. The student must clearly demonstrate the miscalculation. It also includes situations such as missing records, mistaken grade entries, etc.
  • At least ten (10) business days are required for the school director and his/ her team to review a grade appeal request and issue an official decision. Appeal requests are permitted once per student, per term and all decisions are considered final.

Grade Point Averages (GPA)

GPAs are determined by adding the total number of semester grades earned and dividing by the number of semester courses taken. Semester averages will be depicted on the transcript as well. Earned grades greater than 100% will also be depicted on the high school transcript as what the student earned. The cumulative GPA is determined by adding all semester grades earned and dividing by the number of semester courses taken. Courses taken outside of Coweta Charter Academy are not included in the GPA if not taken at an accredited school.

Report Cards and Progress

One of the many features available to students and parents/ guardians is a current report of academic progress, grades, and attendance information. A parent/ guardian or student may monitor student current progress grades within each course gradebook, unless otherwise directed. A report card will be issued at the
end of each semester and will be available in Infinite Campus. Report cards should be retrieved through Infinite Campus and will not be mailed to the student’s home. If you need assistance with your Infinite Campus account, please contact your teacher.