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Throughout the year, we will have various volunteer opportunities for parents. We will keep this page updated with current volunteer opportunities.  All volunteers must complete the Mandatory Volunteer Training each year. Please see Volunteer Training below for details.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Training

The state of Georgia requires that ALL volunteers must complete mandated reporter training. This is important as it is a level of protection for our young learners. Sometimes our children go home to challenging and sometimes unspeakable environments. Their comments and/or behavior can be an indicator that they need help. This training ensures all volunteers understand that they can report anything they observe anonymously and without consequence.

To ensure our school is in compliance with the state of Georgia, we require all volunteers to complete this training. The easiest and most efficient way to receive this training is online. Completing the online training takes about one hour. To complete the training online, follow the directions below:

  1. Click on the link:​​​​
  2. Select “Georgia” as your state to locate courses
  3. In the search location enter “Mandated Reporters”
  4. You should see an order button for “Mandated Reporters: Critical Links in Protecting Children in Georgia
  5. The cost is $0.00
  6. Click “Add to Cart”
  7. Click on your “Cart”
  8. Select “Purchase Now”
  9. On the right hand of the screen, create your own account linked to your personal email address.
  10. When creating your account, select “Community Professionals/Volunteers” and for title, select “School/Classroom Volunteer/Field Trip Chaperone”
  11. Enter ________ under “State Registry ID”.
  12. Click “Create Your ProSolutions Training Account”
  13. Once you have created your account, it should bring up your account summary of items purchased. Click “Complete Order”.
  14. Click “My Training Account” (Green button)
  15. Click “Start Course”
  16. Once you have completed the course, you should be able to go back to your shopping cart and print the completed certificate. This certificate must be turned into the front office before you are able to volunteer and to verify you have completed the course. You may also email your certificate to